Chevy Chase Acts Up Again

I honestly don’t know what is Chevy Chase’s problem but he is acting like a pre-madonna! A few months back, Chevy had a fight with the producer/writer of the show. In my opinion the fight was petty and stupid and pretty much all on Chevy’s side. Click here to read the story  Even if his concerns were legit, how he went about addressing them isn’t.

Only a star like Chevy could get away with behaving that badly. If anyone else, and I mean anyone, did what he did they’d be fired! But because Chevy is a star and Community wasn’t doing quite as good as they hoped – Dan get’s the axe! Chevy got to stay on a Emmy-nominated TV show that was a cult success. His character was treated fairly and I am sure he got the pampering treatment. When do you want to come in Chevy? How much would you like to receive? Anything for you Chevy.

Now I’ll give him that his character has always been on the outside – that’s Chevy’s thing anyway – and it has been featured in a slightly diminished capacity in the last season as other stars began to shine. Isn’t that a good thing? You are a accomplished actor with decades of experience behind you – does it matter if younger stars take the focus? Aren’t they the next generation? Does it have to be about you? I don’t really think so.

Now I have to say that I love the character of Pierce Hawthorn. He is one of my favorites and it saddens me to realize what an ASS his actor is. I used to have a great deal of respect for Chevy as an artist and a professional. After all he is a veteran actor and a master of comedy. Anyone who loves comedy the way I do would be in love with his work. Still, I can’t forgive such behavior. . .

Of course, the firing is over six months old. And I was pissed at the time. However, the what is done is done and you can’t quite take back a firing. You just have to move on. Which is exactly what I expected Chevy to do. Sadly, that is not the case. Now he is blasting the show and stating “It was a big mistake!” (See referenced Article). Which hurts not just himself but the actors he works with. Plus it is insults the audience which you NEVER want to do!! It makes me NOT want to see him on Community. It makes me want to boycott anything with Chevy in it. I HATE DIVAS!!! Which Chevy Appears to be one . . .

————- EXTRAS ————

I have a couple of posts that explain Chevy’s history/feuds. They may or may not be accurate since they do not come from journalistic sources (not that they are always accurate themselves). Take their opinions with a grain of salt. Still it is worth reading:

1.) Dan’s post the day he got fired

2.) Chevy’s History of Horrific Behavior

3.) The Story of Chevy and his behavior on the set of Community

4.) Another telling of his great behavior on Community

I do hope that Chevy leaves Community, he doesn’t deserve such as good gig.

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