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Meet Batkid!!!!

Meet Miles, a cancer survivor and a brave kid. He got his greatest wish (to be batman for a day) this is his story:

Superman, Superman, SUPERMAN!!!!

So, all the discussion of emails and youtube made me go look at my Superman Doomsday clip from all those months ago. Which got me into discussion with other youtube users and got me to post TWO new Superman clips. Which now you get to enjoy. Have fun!

Superman Unbound Clips: Clark & Lois in Love

PLEASE NOTE: This has been blocked from embedding and may be blocked globally. Click the link to view it:

Superman Doomsday Clips: Lex Monologues

and the one that started it all:

Superman Doomsday Clip: Lois Reaches Out to Ma Kent

Yeah, I know I posted this a few days ago but you deserve to watch it again! So watch it already!!!!

Yet Another Collection of Fine Lois Lane Fan Art

So, I know that I post about Lois Lane – A LOT!!!! But that’s because I love her so much!!!!!!! And I know that I repost a lot of what Fuck Yeah! Lois Lane publishes, but that’s because I love the stuff on their blog. Of course, I DON’T post it everyday but instead collect it. That way you get a lot in a short time. With that being said – please enjoy this scroll fest!

Awesome Lois Lane Fan Art

By Various Artists



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Nostalgia Critic – Are Superheroes Whiny Little Bitches?

I know this is kinda along the same lines as yesterday’s post, but it is so good it couldn’t wait!!!!! Well, maybe not that good, but it is good – so watch it already:

Happy 75th Anniversary Superman!

So this year is Superman’s (and Lois Lane’s) 75 Anniversary of being created. And while I may not have the Superman Comics I want I do have have awesome stuff like “Man of Steel.” So all in all, this year is great!


So, I am about to see the movie – finally!!!

So, I have friend who wants to see it and we plan to shove off today and watch “Man of Steel.” I am sooo excited!!!!! I truly can’t wait – that’s why I posted these awesome quotes about Lois Lane. But I am not done – not yet. There is one more quote to dispense and one more picture to view. The Rest, well that will be for another day. Enjoy!


if you don’t think lois lane saved superman, then you’re missing the point

Source 1 & Source 2

She Saves Him!!!!

“I think our Lois is a little feistier and stronger. I think both characters are more realistic to us, to society now. Clark to me was always too good to really relate to. He was a little too much this perfect boy scout, and although Lois was feisty and strong she was still always the one being rescued. Not to say that she doesn’t get rescued in our movie, but she rescues him right back, in so many other ways… She saves him.” -Deborah Snyder (MOS Producer)


Source 1 & Source 2

What perfect words – “She Saves Him.” And in a way, she does. She inspires him, gives him hope, and provides a place for him to belong. And despite being “Superman’s lover” she continues being awesome. That is – if the story is written right. Lois isn’t the kind of girl to sit back and wait. She’s going to go out there and kick some ass. So what that Superman’s not there? She’s fuckin’ Lois Lane bitches!!! She’ll get the job done!

Man of Steel Day – Everything Wrong With Superman Returns In 6 Minutes Or Less

So, we are reaching the grand finale!  Instead of  posting something more about the “Man of Steel,” why don’t I torture you with “Superman Returns?” I am that evil. Yup, you are so going to enjoy this!!!! It’s Everything Wrong With Superman Returns In 6 Minutes Or Less.

Now you should know that I HATE this movie – A LOT!!! But I did actually buy the audiobook. It was out of morbid fascination, but hey I did do it. Which told me what I wanted to know: The Audiobook is better than the movie, but only in the part before you get the movie stuff. Don’t believe me? Well, just take my word for it:

Superman Returns is better than the movie that it follows. I thought this novel started quite strong but petered out to a dull roar. I will provably listen again to Kal-Els journey to Earth and his journey back to Krypton. These are the only, truly original parts of the novel and they truly shine. The rest of it is a slightly-improved version of what you saw on the Silver Screen. It is sad, because I had hoped for a different ending over what happened in the movie. That is not what happened.

The novel improves to the movie in three ways: First, baby Kal-Els journey to Earth. Followed by Supermans Return to Krypton. Which explain what happened. Finally, you get right inside the heads of the major characters and can understand why things happened the way they did. They are nice additions to the story and make it more approachable for people who are not well versed in what happened in the Superman Movies.

However, there are some major flaws with this novel. These flaws are the same flaws that plagued the movie. First, Lex Luthor has all the knowledge of the known universes and all he thinks of to do with it is make land? This is not the Lex Luthor I love to hate. Was it necessary to bring him back like this? Why did Superman leave in the first place? The novel attempts to explain why, but just seems like a plot device over a true reason for him to leave. And why is Lois Lane NOT with Superman? It has become an integral part of the story of Superman. Its like not having Mary Jane end up with Peter Parker; it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. If he loved her so much, why didnt he stay?

It is a shame that this novel is not better than it is. It is still worth a listen, but it will not be something you will cherish forever.

Source: My review of Superman Returns on

Videos That Make You Smile: Man of Steel special

So, it’s almost time for “Man of Steel” and I am really excited!!! I can’t wait, but unfortunately we all have to wait to see it. So, until then – why don’t you watch this special?

Thanks to Fuck Yeah: Lois Lane for posting this video!

Lois Lane is Clark Kent’s Superman

“Lois Lane is Clark Kent’s Superman.” – Brian Q Miller  (via loislaneintrepidgirlreporter)

Source: Fuck Yeah! Lois Lane.

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