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Videos That Make You Smile: HAPPY CINCO de MAYO!

I am not doing anything special for Cinco de Mayo, so I wanted to give you something to do – watch Ray! Can you ask for anything better?

This is another hit from RWJ’s blog, go there to check it and other awesome stuff out!

Videos That Make You Smile: TECHNO DOG!!!!

Yup, talking dogs – yet again – I am so mature . . .

I found this video on my own today, so links – sorry!

Videos That Make You Smile: Dog Obedience Fail

Personally, I like how he holds on to his belief that he has control of his dog . . .

Have you heard of Ray William Johnson? No? Then where the hell have you been! Go to his blog now and find out how awesome he is! Go! Then come back to me!

Videos That Make You Smile: Sock Catching Record

You are awesome dog, just awesome!

Have you heard of Ray William Johnson? No? Then where the hell have you been! Go to his blog now and find out how awesome he is! Go! Then come back to me!

Videos That Make You Smile: Bouncy Dog

WOW, he sure is Bouncy!

Have you heard of Ray William Johnson? No? Then where the hell have you been! Go to his blog now and find out how awesome he is! Go! Then come back to me!

Videos That Make You Smile: Dog Versus Coat

When my dog Milo saw my old coat for the first time . . . well . . .  it was pretty funny . . .

Today’s video comes from me! I uploaded and posted it bitches! So no links for you!

Milo and Otis

My dog Milo is named after the cat in the movie Milo and Otis. If you haven’t figured that out yet. He reminded me of that cat and well he sure ain’t no pug. That’s for sure.

Which is exactly what I told one of my friends recently.

Then he asked me what Milo and Otis was.

I freaked out! I said,”You don’t know what Milo and Otis is?”

He said no.

So then I showed him.

Then he understood . . .

Today’s image comes from, which is filled with WTF. Go there to understand what.

Wrap Up The Year Right: The Best Posts of 2011

Okay, so it’s official – tomorrow is 2012! Which means it’s time to wrap up this year’s awesomeness. Which I plan to do in three parts. They will be posted throughout the day today, so keep watching! The Second part is “The Best Posts of 2011.” I went through all the posts I made this year and picked my favorites. These are the results:


The Best Posts of 2011

1. My Anime North 2011 Posts

This year I decided to chronicle my trip to Anime North 2011 on this blog. In a series of posts, I talked about everything, including being held up at the border, the results of my workshop, and my experience of being staff at the event. As always, Anime North is a major part of my life and was a major part of this blog at the end of May and the beginning of July. It holds some of the most special memories for me. This is the anime north posts are number one on this list!

Click here to see:

Posts written during the convention

Wrap up Post

2. Man Dies From Toothache

When I first came across this news story, it scared the shit out of me! And with a tooth problem of my own, I was afraid that I would meet a similar fate. (Did I mention that I am a hypochondriac?) Not that I did that much about the tooth. But I will, eventually. Ignoring the tooth thing, this story was a stark reminder of the reality of the have and the have-nots. And how our medical system is broken. Now if I could only figure out what to do to fix it . . .

Click here to read this post

3. Weird Canadian Comic

This post of definitely one of my favorite posts of all time! Partly because of the hilarious nature of the image, but also because of the fact that one commenter though I was Canadian! It was cute and sweet, but alas I am NOT Canadian! It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy political cartoons. I love those beasties no matter where they come from! Hell, at one point, I wanted to become a political cartoonist. Of course, its a dying art though . . . But Who knows! In 2012 I may make some! Only time will tell . . .

Click here to read this post

4. Portal 2 Comic

This one is almost too awesome to bear! (Yes that was a terrible pun). I found this beastie all the back in October. It was so great that I got it out as soon as I could! Now it is a classic among my posts. Read it again, I dare you!

Click here to read this post

5. Sharing my pain

2011 has been both a great year and one full of pain. At the end of summer, I suffered a big setback professionally. I messed up – BIG TIME!!! And believe me, I mulled over it again and again. And in this post, dated August 1st, I go over exactly what happened at the Infringement Festival.

Click here to read this post

6. Sad Story of a Dog

Going with the theme of pain, this one comes from one of the many natural disasters this year. A little Beagle is found alive seven days after Japan’s 13th Typhoon cradled in the arms of his dead owner. Sadly, I do not know what happened to Chiro after this article was published but I hope that he found a good home.

Click here to read this post

7. Cute Little Comic

Switching gears to more happy things, I present a short webcomic for your entertainment. I don’t know much about this comic, but it is sweet! And definitely worth a second reading!

Click here to read this post

8. =3, can you live without their antics?

Ray William Johnson is the source of all kinds of funny. This post is no exception. These 5 little images tell us what ISN’T likely to happen irl. Hollywood be dammed! Best part is they are all stick people!

Click here to read this post

9. Atheist Cartoon

Yet another fine Political Cartoon! I found this while Stumbling Around on Stumble this year. I don’t really know much about it other than it is awesome! And that’s all I need to know. Now read it before you go to hell . . .

Click here to read this post

10. The Top 5 Best and Worst Games for the N64

This year marked the 15th Anniversary of the N64. To celebrate it, I listed the top 5 best and worst games for the system. Now each game I had to either play or have experienced personally to get on the list. That means there are provably many more out there that deserve honors (for either one) that I simply do not know of. I dare YOU to make up your own list! If you, I promise to post it here!

Click here to read this post

So, that’s it for the second post of three. I hope you have enjoyed reliving some of the best posts of 2011. Make sure to come back later on today, because there is one more “Best of 2011” post yet to come!

Sad story from Japan . . .

Today’s offering is a simple one: a story from Japan’s recent typhoon. It is a story of Survival and a story of death. And possibility of change within Japanese society. As you might be aware, traditionally, the Japanese have not placed a high value on their dogs. There are a few exceptions, the story of hachiko for example. Sadly, these were exceptions, not the norm. Which makes this story even more special:

Read it here

Dog Survives Landslide, Cradled in Arms of Dead Owner

Akiko FujitaBy Akiko Fujita

abc japan dog jef 110906 wblog Dog Survives Landslide, Cradled in Arms of Dead Owner

Days after the worst storm in seven years tore through central Japan, another typhoon – the 13th this year – moved in on the country’s northern trip bringing record rainfall. Parts of Hokkaido, Japan’s northern most island got more than 15 inches of rain, triggering flooding and increasing the threat of landslides.

Further south in central Japan, search and rescue crews began airlifting food and water to towns cut off by Typhoon Talas, as the death toll continued to climb. About four dozen people have been confirmed dead, while nearly 60 are still missing. Thousands remain in evacuation centers, and many more are without power. Japanese Self Defense forces moved in on the hardest hit areas by helicopter, to rescue residents, many of them elderly, in need of help.

Amid the massive cleanup effort, a heartwarming story of survival emerged. In the city of Tanabe, where at least four people were still missing, rescuers reported hearing a dog crying beneath all the rubble, in an area where homes were crushed by landslides.

They removed piles of wood and muddy debris, to find a beagle named “Chiro” cradled by his owner Masae Yamamoto. Yamamoto didn’t survive, but Chiro appeared unscathed and in good spirits, despite being covered in dirt. Images on tv, showed the dog eagerly drinking water, while sniffing around for food.

”[Yamamoto] loved dogs,” a relative told NHK. “I believe rescuers were able to find her body so quickly, because of [Chiro].”


Look at this puppy and it’s master – sooo cute!


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