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Dog Food Disaster (ORIGINAL!)

Yup, this is old and yup I forgot about it. But thanks to youtube changing it’s watch later system I found it again. So watch it, k?

Petsmart Grooming

So, it’s St. Patty’s Day (or it was recently) and what could you do to celebrate the robbing of people’s religion? Well, chalk your dog green, of course!!! Wait, you didn’t think of that? Well, Petsmart did.

Petsmart GroomingYup, this is real – grabbed it myself from their website.

Your poor little lab can celebrate his Irish Heritage with green ears & a shamrock that looks kinda like a flower.  Which is interesting because Labradors didn’t come from Ireland and well . . . the shamrock makes him makes him look more like a flower child than a leprechaun. But hey! You dyed your dog’s hair! That’s good, right? I mean the dog looks happy. I think . . .

I know that my dog provably wouldn’t like this. I mean he hates wearing the clothes I throw on him sometimes. Let alone frickin’ chalk for St. Patty’s Day. But then again, what do I know? It could be awesome . . .

Your Cat Doesn’t Care About You


No More Woof by The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery

When I saw this video a while back (around 2 months ago according to youtube), I was confused. The invention looks like a Necomimi but goes on your dog. Oh and that it is supposed to translate what they are thinking to human speech. Which is ridiculous!!!! Particularly, if you have ever watched an episode of the Dog Whisperer.

This little gadget allows dog owners to ignore their dog’s body language in favor for a human-flavored idea of what matters to a dog. If it is real, then it ranks up there with the flexi-lead for ridiculous and dangerous stuff made for dogs. (sometime I’ll do a rant on that – I promise).

Anyway, maybe you should just watch the show:

Mind Reading Dogs

Yup, I know about this:

Documentary Week – Wild Dog Packs of the Indian Forrest

These Primitive dogs are very similar to the Dingo and a few others around the world. Learn about their lives in this documentary:

Documentary Week – Wild Dog Dingo

These semi-wild primitive dogs are the hearts and minds of Australia. Learn about their lives in this Documentary with an Aussie Twist!

Christmas Day 2013 – Puppy’s First Christmas

AWWWWW . . . . .

Documentary Week – In the Valley of the Wolves

Wovles are one of my favorite animals, so it’s fitting that I post a video about their real lives.

Double Feature – Dog and Cat Sad Diary

These two videos are hilarious!

Cat Sad Diary

Dog Sad Diary


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