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Maybe I was wrong . . .

While I was away I didn’t get much comments. Then again I never really do. Only the spammers seem to love me.

Spammers love me(Click on the image for a better view)

In the time that I have been away dealing with personal stuff – there have been only four comments made that have made it through the Spam Filter.  And all of them have been Spam. Yeah, I guess they are good spam messages since they made it through and all, but seriously! Come on guys show me some love. Don’t just let the spammers talk to me. They are lame. Just like this message:

Bad Spam

So, okay this one DIDN’T survive the spam filter, but why should it? It’s just a bunch of text and links. I know you guys can do better!!!! I want to see good spam. Spam that can survive the filter. Fake spam. Written by you. This is the first bullshit contest I will be running like in forever! So, you gotta be a part of it! I mean it’s stupid. That should be enough.

So, here’s how it works. You compose a spam message comment to ANY of my previous posts on this site. It can be from three years ago or even this post. You write something totally not on the topic of the post and include a link. Because this is what all spammers love! The link can be anywhere. In the message, in the name, or anywhere else you can fit it. But the link must be the same. It must point to Channel the Alley. Why? Because this is my damm contest, that’s why!

Now, when I find comments that meet these criteria – not only will they go live on my site – I will collect them and post your best on a special post dedicated to you. Because in the end, you are the reason why I continue this blog. Even with personal and work issues. I want to hear from you and celebrate you! Isn’t that enough?

But what about prizes? I know every good contest should have prizes! Yes, they should. I will purchase a humble bundle of your choice for 10 dollars. Which means you get great games or awesome apps or awesome books for free!! And the world gets 10 dollars for charity. But, with only two prizes available you will have to work hard. Be creative. And it’s all yours!

Why not create a better prize? Because if I do, then you will take this too seriously! This is supposed to be a booby prize after all. So get cracking.

Contest ends at the beginning of next month. Let’s say July 4th. That makes it sound cooler.

Now get going!

Videos That Make You Smile: Unlikely Animal Friends: Rio and the River Otter

All that is needed now is some people providing commentary.

This Video comes from Caesar Millan, click here to see the post!

Just so you know I am NOT dead . . .

Here’s a little gift I found while stumbling around:


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