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Videos That Make You Smile: The Most Awesome Pet Ad EVER!!!!

Don’t play in the litterbox!

This video comes from RWJ. Go there and be awesome, okay?


Good to know as we greet Summer . . .

Caesar gives us some pointers on when to take our pets to the vet.

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On to the news of the day A…

On to the news of the day! A Gator in Jamestown! Okay, this is a simple one, but someone has a pet alligator that they threw out or it escaped from. Which I am pretty sure it is not allowed to have pet alligators. But oh well!

    • JAMESTOWN, NY – Jamestown Police say a resident called them Tuesday morning to report an alligator loose in a yard on McKinley Avenue in the city.

      The department’s Animal Control Officer arrived at the scene and found the 3-foot long gator. They’re not sure at this time who it belongs to or how long it had been outside.

      Jamestown Police are working with officers from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation on the case.

      According to Captain Robert Samuelson the American alligator is expected to be turned over to a wildlife organization from the Buffalo area.


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