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Christmas Day 2013 – All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

I am not sure if this the original version of the song, but it is pretty awesome!!!

“Lois Lane” By Keone Madrid

This one is a little Strange, but I do like the poem and the song ain’t bad either. A bit churchy, but who am I to complain?

Videos That Make You Smile: Evolution of Music

Now this is just cool.

What do you think about this video? Leave you comments below.

Videos That Make You Smile: Bacon (the Musical)

Did I ever mention that I love Bacon?

So, I was wandering around Smosh when I discovered this gem. If you go there you can find more like this one. Bitches!

Videos That Make You Smile: What Makes You Beautiful

This one is just WTF funny.

This Video Comes once again from the Smosh Pit. Please go there to find more goodies!

Videos That Make You Smile: Canadian Simulation Station

This is MY response to the Pony Thread Simulator, enjoy!

I made this video bitches!

Videos That Make You Smile: Chuck Testa’s Song About Dead Animals

Yes, it’s almost as creepy as it sounds . . .

See the original version. It’s almost funnier than the song.

(Oh By the way: Chuck Testa does not Taxidermy pets.)

Today’s post was found at the Smosh Pit. Go there to check out the awesomeness that exists there!

Just so you think I’m crazy!

I am posting this vid that I found for your enjoyment:

William Shatner Sings O Canada

Instead of having our usual news article (yup breaking it after 1 day), I have decided to release a special edition of my Canada series. I will return to my normal stuff tomorrow. When I run out of totally awesome William Shatner Stuff!!!!!!!

Okay! So this video was made in response to William Shatner getting the Lifetime Achievement Award from Canada’s Governor General. It’s a comedic thank you for the award.

I am showing it for two reasons (1) It’s Bill! And Bill is awesome! (2) My God Bill, you have no idea what texting or Twittering is, do you? Right before he actually sings the entire song (his version), Bill tries to Twitter on a phone that is completely inappropriate to do that. It’s a Samsung with a pull-out keyboard. I should know, I have one. It don’t do Twitter. It’s not designed to! I love it!

Take a look at it here


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