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Now for something completely different – A CGR review of a pinball machine

I would love to have a real pinball machine in my house.

PBG Double Feature

Two great older PBG episodes for you to enjoy!

MySlave Kingdom – PBG

Adventure Island 3 – PBG

Bacon, the Most Important Food Ever

I do love bacon.

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Here’s a classic from ASAP Science!

Dog Food Disaster (ORIGINAL!)

Yup, this is old and yup I forgot about it. But thanks to youtube changing it’s watch later system I found it again. So watch it, k?

Why Do People Love Trying on Glasses?

I dunno since I am one of those poor people who wear glasses because I need it.

Double Feature – Dog and Cat Sad Diary

These two videos are hilarious!

Cat Sad Diary

Dog Sad Diary

Myth Hacking – 5 things you thought were true, but aren’t.

Some of this I knew, but not all . . .

Wealth Inequality in America

A Really Cool Reading of a Classic Poem

I kinda remember Ozymandias, but I am not completely sure where. Maybe English class? I dunno, but I know that this reading is really cool – even if I don’t care about Breaking Bad (which the actor is from). Apparently, this was made to promote the last season of the show. (Which started last month). Enjoy!


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